My recent writing and speaking.


HerCanberra, What I’m reading, writing and listening to in February, 21 Februrary 2022

HerCanberra, In the wardrobe with: Claudia Tétreault-Percy, 15th February 2022

HerCanberra, Salvation Army volunteer Alan Jessop honoured with OAM, 26th January,2022

Vogue Australia, What happens to a long-term relationship when one partner transitions? 20 May, 2021

My writing for Leiden is no longer being maintained and is quietly eroding on the internet.


You’re Booked Podcast in conversation with Daisy Buchanan with on reading and writing.

Triple J The Hookup in conversation with Nat Tencic on sexuality, gender expression and relationships.

The Write Way Podcast in conversation with Samuel Elliot on writing.

Living Arts Canberra in conversation with Barbie Robinson on writing and relationships.

ABC Radio National in conversation with Jules Morrow on writing and the Vogel.

Backstory in conversation with Mel Cranenburgh on writing.

ABC Canberra Drive in conversation Adrienne Francis on mental health, sexuality and the Vogel.

ABC Nightlife in conversation with Indira Naidoo on mental health, sexuality and gender expression.

ABC Canberra Sunday Brunch in conversation with Kim Huynh on langauage, love and writing.

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